Buying a Car from Afar - 30th March, 2016

Buying a car that you can’t see in person can be daunting, especially if you are dealing with private sellers who see their car through rose tinted glasses. Terms such as “mint condition” and “immaculate for its age” get thrown around liberally and often come with photos that are either terrible or are taken from twenty feet away. So how can you comfortably buy a car without seeing it?
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Don’t Be an Easter Egg - 24th March, 2016

It’s Easter weekend so the traffic is going to be hell. And when the traffic is a nightmare we usually all have stories of near misses with bad drivers come Tuesday, and the bad drivers are rarely us. But it’s unlikely that all the bad driving is by other people so maybe we all need to check our own bad habits. I seem to remember something about glass houses and stones... Here are some bad habits you may not even realise you have.
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Italian Stallion for Donkey Money - 21st March, 2016

It’s Italian, has a twin turbo V8, an interior from a high class gentleman’s club and supercar looks. It’s also NZ new, has low kilometres for its age and less than 5000 were built. No, it’s not a Ferrari but it is fast, rare, exotic and - you’d think - expensive. But it’s not expensive. In fact it’s ridiculously cheap.
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Angry German Canary – 17th March, 2016

It may look like some angry German canary but this Porsche Cayman actually gets its name from a small alligator that will chew your face off given half a chance. And that probably suits the Cayman. It looks like a scaled down version of its big sister, the 911, but it’s still got sharp teeth and it will bite. This one is champing at the bit to find a new owner.
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Future Classic Z Car?

Everyone remembers the Datsun 240Z, the Japanese E-Type with, these day, Japanese E-Type prices to match. Fifteen years ago a really nice 240Z could be bought for under $20k and we all thought they were outrageously expensive then. Well try buying one now. So does this bode well for the 240z’s younger, slightly overweight brother?
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Rare E-Type Found in a Garden – 8th March, 2016

Found under a tarp in an English garden having been parked up in 1969, this 1963 Jaguar E-Type is a “barn find” hunters dream and it’s now for sale. Being an early model it’s a rare car anyway, but it also has some cool rock and roll history. It may be rough but it’ll take a fat wallet to buy it with plenty more needed to restore it.
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Bargain Bavarian Barnstormer - 3rd March, 2016

$60,000 – $80,000 may not sound like a bargain but this 2013 BMW 650i Coupe with only 28,000kms on the clock had a new price tag of $221,000. That’s a whopping price tag but this car has some pretty whopping performance.
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