Consumer Law Information

To understand the Consumer Guarantees Act in relation to purchasing a vehicle at Turners, please read the Q&A below.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Learn more about how the CGA applies to used vehicles bought at Turners

Does CGA apply to the car I'm interested in?

To find out whether or not a car you’re interested in is covered under the Act, sellers must make it clear if they are in trade when selling through Turners. This lets you know if you’re protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act as this legislation provides guarantees for when you purchase from a person in trade. Don't forget, all cars purchased through Buy Now are covered by the CGA.

To find out if the car you're interested in buying is covered by the CGA, look for the icon under 'Important Information' within a vehicle listing page.

You can search for cars in trade through the search panel as below


Please note

It’s important to note that the CGA does not cover private sales and vehicles and goods usually bought for commercial use. However, you will still see the "The vendor for this vehicle is in trade" icon on the listing page if the vendor is in trade. Previously, auction sales were sold on an ‘as is, where is’ basis. 

Information for sellers

As a seller, you need to work out whether you’re in trade, not in trade or a mixture of the two. If you are in trade, the law requires you to disclose this information to buyers when selling through Turners.

Find out more about your CGA obligations here 

Information for buyers

If you’re buying a car through Turners, great news! All you have to do is keep an eye out for the in trade status of the car you’re interested in to see if you’re protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act. It’s easy to know if a car you’re interested in is from a seller in trade. Search for "Vendor In Trade" in the search panel to see these cars or look on the listing under "Important Information"on the Turners website or the in trade tag through Trade Me.

Currently, when you buy a car at auction through Turners, we charge a Buyers Fee. The Buyers Fee contributes toward the cost of setting up the auction, displaying the goods and it also guarantees that the car is not stolen and that there is no money owing. Plus we do the change of ownership for you as part of the service. 


Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m covered?

For the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) to apply, the car you bought must be from a seller in trade. The CGA does not cover private sales and vehicles usually bought for commercial use.

It’s easy to know if a car you’re interested in is from a seller in trade. Simply look for the 'The vendor for this vehicle is in trade' text under Important Information on listings or the in trade tag through Trade Me. If  'The vendor for this vehicle is in trade' text under Important Information on listings is sold on behalf of a supplier in trade which means you’ll be covered under the Act if the car is not purchased for commercial use. If no CGA icon is visible, it is likely the car is from a private seller which means the Act does not apply to your purchase.


Turners website:

Trade Me:

You can also check the in trade status for all our cars by:
- Referring to the window card that is displayed on the car window of every vehicle
- Listening to the auctioneer who will announce at the start of each lot whether or not the seller for the lot is in trade before bidding commences
- Looking out for the 'The vendor for this vehicle is in trade'. 

Making a claim when something goes wrong

There are two ways to make a claim:
- By lodging a claim at your nearest Turners branch (you’ll need your Turners account number or invoice number to make a claim)
- By submitting a claim form online

Submit your claim online

To claim online, please download a claims form and answer all the questions fully. Then email the completed form to

The claims process – what happens next

We will investigate your claim and contact you within 2 working days to advise an outcome, including:
- Whether or not liability is accepted on your claim
- The party responsible for providing a resolution (Turners or the Supplier in trade)
- Details of the resolution.

We will then work with you to resolve the issue, which may include the following options;

1)      Repairing the defect

2)      Replacing the vehicle with a similar or equivalent one

3)      Rejecting the purchase and providing a full refund, including consequential cost i.e. transport

If your claim is successful and liability is accepted, we will inform you of the party responsible for providing a resolution. This will either be Turners or the seller of your car. If Turners is not responsible for organising a resolution, we will inform the seller and pass on their contact details to you.

Following up on your claim

If you need an update on the progress of your claim, please contact your nearest Turners branch. So we can respond promptly, make sure you have your claim number ready in all your communications with us.

Handy tips before you buy a car

We have a number of features to help you find out as much information about the vehicle you’re interested in:

Pre-purchase vehicle condition report

A basic vehicle condition report is available on all our cars highlighting body, undercarriage, cabin, mechanical, electrical and accessories inspections. This report can be found in the car’s online listing under the ‘Checklist’ section. A printed report is also displayed in the window of each vehicle.

Independent inspections

We recommend a full independent vehicle inspection prior to purchase. This can be easily arranged at the branch where the car is located for an additional charge. Contact the relevant branch for more information.

Take a test drive

You can test drive any car before buying. Just remember, you’ll need your driver’s licence and to register first. At some branches there is a test driving area at the branch. At other branches a staff member will accompany you on a test drive on the road. Contact the branch to find out what time auction cars are available for test driving before the auction.


View buyers terms and conditions here.

Turners Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provides protection that is additional to the rights you have under the CGA. Make sure you’re covered for unforeseen mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is available from Turners Finance and may be included in your Turners Finance loan. It’s available for any vehicle, even if you didn’t buy it at Turners. Normal underwriting criteria applies. We have a range of policy options to suit your needs.

Learn more about Mechanical Breakdown Insurance here.