Buyer and Sellers fees

Buyers fees are payable on all cars and guarantees legal ownership. We make sure the person selling is authorised to do so and we even do the change of ownership for you - how easy is that!

Please note that buyers fees are not added for Trade Me sales.

You can view a PDF of our Buyer Terms and Conditions and Website Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise stated - fees include GST.

Buyers Fees
Sale price Fee *On Road Costs
Up to $1,999 $280 $320
$2,000 to $5,999 $400
$6,000 to $11,999 $450
$12,000 to $19,999 $500
$20,000 plus $550

*On Road Costs
: On all unregistered cars, including new imports there is also an additional $320 'On Road Costs' fee to have the vehicle registered.

Unless otherwise stated, fees include GST. Sellers usually pay an entry fee and commission.

Sellers Fees
Sale Price Commission Entry Fee Per Auction
**No Reserve $205 $55
Up to $1,999 $250
$2,000 and over $265 plus 5% of sale price

Classic & Prestige cars $375 plus 6% of sale price $200 which includes insurance (payable even if you don't sell)

** No Reserve - for the $205 fee to apply, the car must be entered with a 'No Reserve' price in its first auction.