Don’t Be an Easter Egg - 24th March, 2016

It’s Easter weekend so the traffic is going to be hell. And when the traffic is a nightmare we usually all have stories of near misses with bad drivers come Tuesday, and the bad drivers are rarely us. But it’s unlikely that all the bad driving is by other people so maybe we all need to check our own bad habits. I seem to remember something about glass houses and stones...

Here are some bad habits you may not even realise you have.

Speeding up when you get to a passing lane even though you are not using it: We all get annoyed when this happens to us but do you do it too? I reckon there is something in our brains that makes us depress the loud pedal just a little bit more when we see a passing lane even if we’re not using it. Maybe it’s a primal instinct. So just make sure you aren’t unconsciously doing this yourself before you start screaming at others for doing it.

Driving slow and not allowing traffic to pass: This is a recipe for a traffic boiling point. Usually it’s a camper or a truck but not always. But can you put your hand on your heart and say you always check your mirrors for a line of angry traffic forming behind you?

Not indicating: I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been a passenger in a car where the driver points out everyone’s poor driving only to neglect to indicate when exiting the next roundabout or the next lane change. It’s like not indicating is ok (it’s not!) and not a sign of rubbish driving (it is!).

Using your phone while driving: We’ve probably all done it. But seriously, it’s worse than speeding up in passing lanes.

Tailgating: You know how angry you get when somebody is getting way too intimate with your rear bumper? You suddenly know all the swear words in the world when that arrogant #!%*& is aggressively pressuring you to speed up. So next time you find yourself breathing down the neck of the slower car in front - because you’re in a hurry to start relaxing at the bach - you’ll know exactly what’s being said about you. Back off.

We all make mistakes, have bad driving habits and can be awful hypocrites on the road. So maybe we should check our own driving behaviour before dishing out the critiques and maybe we’ll all become better at it. 

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