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Our team are happy to answer questions about buying or selling your vehicles during the different alert levels. Our BuySafe program is a 100% contactless buying process designed to keep both our staff and our customers safe.

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Back When a Ute was a Work Truck

This old digger would’ve been the ute of choice in 1981. A bench seat with auto transmission was bordering on posh back then. But compared to today’s utes with their Bluetooth, climate control and comfy seats this old boy seems prehistoric. And flat out cool. Read on...
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Stay Focused

Last week we featured a 10 year old Merc and compared the price to that of a new Ford Focus. This upset at least one commenter (something about fruit) so this week we’ll feature a Ford Focus and compare the price to that of a new Mercedes (we even?). Seriously though, if you want to be seen, go fast and have fun while still having 5 doors for the family then this Focus ST is for you. Read on...
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Deutsch Perfekt

This Mercedes SLK350 is an exercise in looking filthy rich for less than the price of a new base model Ford Focus. It’s fast, exclusive, comfortable and very pretty. It’s also low mileage and NZ new and under $30k. You’ll need to sharpen up your wardrobe and get a haircut because you’ll be in a different league. Read on...
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Tough as Le Nails

Isn’t it fun looking at the fringes of what is for sale or auction at Turners? We could focus on the usual Ford Rangers and Suzuki Swifts but who really cares? The answer may very well be many more than care about the Peugeot 505 but I’m going to put that down to many not knowing what a Peugeot 505 is. So please, read on...
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