You can place autobids on both Turners Online Auctions and Turners Trade Me Auctions. Learn more about these auctions here.

Autobids work the same way for both online auction types. You can learn more about autobids below.


What’s an autobid?

Autobid will place bids at the next minimum amount up to your maximum, if you are outbid.

If the reserve has not been met and your autobid exceeds the reserve, a bid will be placed at the reserve amount.

How do I place an autobid?

1)      Specify the maximum you want to bid in the box

2)      Tick the autobid box - MY BID (on the left hand side) will then change to MY MAXIMUM BID

3)      Click BID NOW

How can I increase an existing autobid?

You can increase an existing autobid by placing a higher value autobid.

No additional bid will be placed if you lead the bidding.

You cannot decrease the value of your autobid.

Why has my autobid jumped to its maximum?

If your autobid is below or equal to the reserve, your maximum autobid will be placed.

If an existing autobid is greater than yours, your autobid may also jump to it's maximum and be immediately outbid.

Why did my autobid jump straight to the reserve price?

If your autobid exceeds the reserve, a bid will be placed equal to the reserve.

You will then lead the bidding until your autobid is exceeded. 

Why did my autobid bid against itself?

If another member places a bid equal to your autobid, your maximum autobid will be placed. It will appear as two consecutive bids from you.

Autobids have priority over normal bids of the same value, as they were placed earlier.