Buying a car can be easy.

If you’re in the market for a car look no further! We have thousands of vehicles ready to buy around the country, and there's a few ways to do this.

1) BuyNow - purchase directly in one of our branches or on our website

2) Online auctions - these are either held exclusively on our website or in partnership with Trade Me

3) Live auction - you can do this online or come into the branch

4) Online Tendersubmit your tender from the goods page at the time that you are viewing it online

5) BuySafe – for those that would still prefer a 100% contactless purchasing process please let our sales team know

Find a Car

Create an account with us and use our tools that will make buying a car quick and easy like watchlists, saved searches, txt alerts and more. More information here. 

1. BuyNow
2. Online Auction
3. Live Auction