Viva La Classic Car Auction - 26th February 2019

The next Turners classic auction takes place in Christchurch on 9th March and the line up is already looking pretty tasty. But one car in particular has caught my eye and it’s a Vauxhall Viva. Yes, that’s right, the car your mum or Grandma drove when you were a kid, only this one has teeth and bonnet scoops. Read on...
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Formula One in its DNA - 18th February, 2019

Before you right it off as “just a Renault” there’s something you need to consider. In 2006 Fernando Alonso won the F1 world championship in a Renault, who also won the constructors title. It was also the year Renault’s sporting division released the Clio 197. Renault Sport was on fire and this car is a 194hp beast for chump change. Read on...
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Seat of the Pants Driving - 11th February, 2019

This pint sized supercar has pin-up good looks, goes even better, and has a Toyota engine which means it won’t be as fragile as your typical highly strung supercar. Also, like a supercar, it’s lightweight, fast, noisy, uncomfortable and bags of ridiculous fun. Read on...
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