Quick Quattro - 26th February, 2018

Stuck in the wilderness of not yet classic and not really modern this 2003 B6 Audi S4 Avant still cuts a handsome figure and sports an attractive price tag. It goes like stink, too. Read on...
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A Different View Every Day - 19th February, 2018

At first glance the price tag of $115,000 for this 2011 Keystone Springvale caravan might appear expensive, and sure, it is serious scratch. But look take a second look – you get a house AND a car for less than a deposit on an average Kiwi house and your backyard is New Zealand. Not so crazy when you think about it. Read on...
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Big Bang for Your Buck - 12th February, 2018

When you mention Renault to many NZ drivers you, perhaps ironically, get a very Gallic shrug of the shoulders or a dismissive wave of the hands. This is odd because when it comes to hot hatches Renault has got form, seriously good form. So while others are stumping up big dollars for hot Golfs or Focuses the Renault Megane RS250 Cup can be picked up for a snip. Read on...
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Smoking Hot Classic - 2nd February, 2018

Most retired fire engines that come up for sale aren’t exactly the most practical vehicles to park in your driveway or on the street outside your house. But this 1976 Toyota FJ45 Smoke Chaser is just about the right size and it may just cause a few grown-up six year olds to spontaneously combust with excitement. Read on...
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