Big Bang for Your Buck - 12th February, 2018

When you mention Renault to many NZ drivers you, perhaps ironically, get a very Gallic shrug of the shoulders or a dismissive wave of the hands. This is odd because when it comes to hot hatches Renault has got form, seriously good form. So while others are stumping up big dollars for hot Golfs or Focuses the Renault Megane RS250 Cup can be picked up for a snip. 

Renault has made some greatest hot hatches starting with the brilliant Renault 5 GT Turbo on to the fantastic Williams Clio and various iterations of the Clio and Megane Sport RS models. These cars are, in many cases, a well kept secret. Maybe it’s to do with some of the standard models being less than great or maybe it’s the quirky looks, or, in the case of the Clio, maybe it’s the conservative, shopping trolley image. One thing is for certain, if you drive one of these French rockets you’ll be impressed.

This 2012 Megane RS 250 Cup is worth a look if you want bang for buck. As the name suggests, the RS 250 boasts 250hp and will go from 0-100kph in 6 seconds thanks to its turbocharged 2 litre engine and its lovely 6 speed manual transmission and limited slip diff. And when you need to stop the brembo brakes pull you up quickly and smoothly. The ride is sporty but not harsh and the interior is comfortable. Add to that the 5 star safety rating and you have a car that can go toe to toe with a Golf R or a Focus RS for a fraction of the price.

This car is available right now at Turners Penrose for the surprisingly low price of just $19990 drive away. It’s NZ new with a full service history and low kilometres. Sacre Blue! More details here.

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