Stage Prop Party

Stage Prop Party

It’s not just cars that get sold at Turners, it’s all sorts, including the weird and wonderful.This week and next week we are selling some weird and wonderful stage props from a prominent events company. So what could you use them for?

A lot of the props are large, flat, free standing figures plus there are some 3D props. They range from rugby players to rock stars plus a range of other props. All are being sold online with a $1 reserve on each. Your imagination is the only limit on what you could use these for. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Well the first and most obvious use is as a rent a crowd at your party. Maybe you don’t have many friends or you have a particularly large house with just a modest amount of friends. Well here is a ready-made circle of friends that won’t drink all the beer and eat all the snacks. I would suggest your party have a fancy dress theme otherwise any other real guests may feel out of place and uncomfortable.

Maybe you are in a band that is still building an audience and needs to boost the crowd size at gigs. There are quite a few rock and pop stars amongst the props. It’s an audience that has literally been built for you. Any actual real people turning up to your show will be mighty impressed to see Jimi HendrixElvis Presley AND Michael Jackson in the crowd. By the time they remember these three concert goers are in fact long dead they will be blown away by your music anyway – job done.

Got a flatmate or annoying sibling that needs to be put in their place? How about a gunman silhouette or a Mafia gangster propped up outside their bedroom window one night? It should get a reaction. Or maybe just put them around the house as burglar deterrents.

The possibilities are endless. Scary looking clowns can make a nice addition to a child’s bedroom and your flatmates will be impressed when you walk in with your arm around Pamela Anderson. She was always a little wooden as an actress so they won’t notice the difference.

The first round of auctions are up right now and finish next Monday. The next round starts on Monday.

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