Police Brutality

Police Brutality

In the latest issue of the Good Oil we ran a story about the Italian police getting a new Lamborghini pursuit car. A 610hp supercar seemed like over-kill but not to be out-gunned the mega rich police force of Dubai has gone one better by adding a brutal 1000+hp Bugatti Veyron hypercar to their fleet of modest cruisers.

Of course, being Dubai, their modest cruisers look like a display at Big Boys Toys to us here in NZ. If you are spotted creeping above the speed limit you might get pulled over by anAston Martin One-77a Ferrari FF, a Camaro, a Mercedes SLS, a Bentley Continental or a Lamborghini Aventador. It certainly helps that Dubai is rich in oil as none of these supercars is what you’d call economical. The Bugatti will drink 78 litres of petrol every 100kms at top speed. A drive from Auckland to Huntly will cost around $170 but you’d get there fast. The Dubai police will also need a fairly decent tyre budget, too. A set of the special Michelin tyres for the Veyron costs $30,000 and they can’t be fitted by Tony’s Tyres either. They need to be fitted at special facility in France at a cost of around $90,000. Burn-outs are expensive in this car.

The truth is that the Dubai Police only use their supercar fleet as pose-mobiles. They park up on city streets looking cool and showing off their enormous wealth. And then there’s the fire brigade…

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