Auto Super Shoppes Servicing

Redeeming a service

Redeeming a service is easy.  Simply get in touch with any participating Auto Super Shoppes workshop in the list below to book a service.
When you book state that you wish to redeem a Turners Service and provide your full name and vehicle registration.

When you go to pick up your car you only need to pay for work, parts or consumables outside the service items and oil limits.
The workshop will discuss with you any additional costs before work is carried out.  


List of participating Auckland workshops


List of  participating Lower North Island workshops


List of  participating South Island workshops


Click here for the Auto Super Shoppes Servicing Terms & Conditions


Service items

  • Change oil*
  • Change oil filter
  • Set correct tyre pressure
  • Digitally test battery condition and report
  • Apply battery terminal protection
  • Top up windscreen washer levels
  • Test and report on brake fluid
  • Lubricate suspension
  • Lubricate steering joints
  • Test and report cooling system
  • Confirm transmission / gearbox oil level and condition
  • Confirm power steering oil level
  • Confirm diff oil level and condition
  • Lubricate door hinges
  • Confirm exterior light functions
  • Visual inspection & adjustment of drive belts
  • Inspect, clean, and adjust brakes
  • Inspect CV boots condition
  • Remove & inspect air filter
  • Check air conditioning operation
  • Check for evidence of cambelt replacement by mileage or service sticker
  • Mini valet (dashboard wipe, foot well vacuum, tyre silicone)

* We allow for up to 5 litres of oil for petrol or diesel engines 2000cc and under, 7 litres of oil for petrol engines 2001cc and over, and 10 litres of oil for diesel engines 2001cc and over.  Surcharges apply above these allowances or where specialist oil is required.