Mechanical Breakdown Insurance FAQs

Below are some FAQs that will help you learn more about Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. If you have a question that isn’t covered below, please contact us on 0800 887 637 or email is

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you from unexpected costs in the event that your car has a sudden and unforseen breakdown.

Cover is available for different types and categories of vehicles. Some vehicles may require an additional premium to be paid. Speak to one of our Business Managers for more information about the type of vehicles covered, special conditions and pricing which apply.

Does the policy include the cost of both parts and labour?

Yes. The cover is comprehensive and includes parts and labour, towing, AA roadservice & 24/7 breakdown assistance, plus accommodation and rental car costs for out of town breakdowns. Speak to one of our Business Managers for more information about the components and services included in the cover.

Do I need to service my car?

Yes. It is a condition of the policy that you comply with the first service and ongoing service requirements which must be carried out by an independent service centre. As a guide it would normally be every 10,000km or 15,000km or 12 months. This requirement will be noted in the policy document. 

If there is no service history with the vehicle, Turners recommend having the service done soon after purchase as best practise. 

Full service requirements, including information on who can service your car, are outlined in the policy terms. We recommend that all vehicles be serviced in order to maintain safety and reliability, whether they have a mechanical breakdown policy or not. 

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you are required to pay in respect of each unrelated claim. Every policy has an excess. 

Is my policy refundable or transferable?

If you are not completely happy with the cover provided by your policy, you can cancel it within 15 days of the start of the period of insurance, provided you have not made a claim under your policy. After that the policy is not refundable. DPL Insurance has absolute discretion as to whether they will allow a transfer of your policy to another person. Please refer to the policy wording for full policy terms and conditions.

How much does the policy cost?

We have a number of policy options, so the premium will depend on the make/model of vehicle, the age and mileage, the term of cover and excess option selected. Speak to one of our Business Managers at any Turners branches to discuss the option that suits you best.

Can my policy be renewed after it has expired?

You may purchase another policy after the original policy has expired, provided there are no inherent faults with your vehicle at that time. We reserve the right to request a vehicle inspection report to confirm the vehicle is in sound mechanical condition prior to allowing its renewal. Speak with one of our Business Managers at any Turners branches about renewing your policy.

Can I get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance if I didn’t buy my car from Turners?

Yes. You can get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for any vehicle, even if you didn’t buy it at Turners. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can also be included in your loan.

To find out more about how to apply, please visit there is a lot of helpful information including application forms, booking a no obligation consultation and a loan calculator.

How can I get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

You can get insurance at any Turners Cars branches nationwide. Speak to one of our Business Managers to discuss the best vehicle protection for you. 

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can also be included in your loan. To find out more about Turners Finance and how to apply, please visit

Can I get Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with my loan?

Yes. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can be included in your loan. To find out more about how to apply through Turners, please visit

Who is the underwriter?

Our Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is underwritten by DPL Insurance. Find out about their Financial Strength Rating.

If I need to cancel my policy, can I get a refund?

You may at any time cancel your policy by giving us notice in writing. If you request cancellation, your policy is not refundable unless cancelled within 15 days of the start of the period of insurance.

I’ve moved house. How do I update my policy address with you?

You can call us on 0800 276 873 and we’ll be happy to change the contact address we have for you.

How do I make a mechanical breakdown insurance claim?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Call 0800 809 700 and provide your policy number, vehicle registration and current odometer reading.
  2. DPL Insurance will help you find your nearest Authorised Repairer (all repairs must be carried out by an Authorised Repairer).
  3. If the vehicle can be driven safely without causing further damage, take it to the nearest Authorised Repairer. If not arrange to have it towed (some policies have cover for towing included).
  4. Present your policy to the repairer to determine if the breakdown constitutes a claim and request the repairer contacts DPL Insurance.
  5. You may be required to complete a claim form and provide other documentation, such as proof of servicing and other relevant invoices
  6. If the repairer can’t determine the fault it may be necessary to dismantle parts. If this is the case DPL Insurance must be notified, however, only you can authorise the dismantling to be carried out. Please note: The contract for repair is between you and the repairer. Any costs not covered by the policy (including your excess), must be paid to the repairer at the completion of the repairs.

NOTE: Any repairs commenced without the prior approval of DPL Insurance are excluded from cover.

Will all of my claim be covered?

Please refer to the “What you are not insured for” section of the policy wording for a detailed list of exclusions.

If a repairer needs to dismantle the car, who will pay for the cost?

You would be responsible for the initial dismantling cost until the cause of the breakdown is known. If the cause means that your claim is accepted, DPL Insurance will pay for this cost.