Turners Basic Vehicle Condition Guide Explained

Turners Vehicle Condition Report Explained


At Turners we are all about giving as much information as we can to provide guidance for both our buyers and sellers. A big part of this is via our vehicle condition guide. However this report is merely an impression of the vehicle, gained at a certain time, prior to sale, by one person. It is not and has never been, a warranty or a thorough pre purchase inspection.  To put you in the picture the inspector does a very brief drive sometimes from cold, sometimes from hot, and does a quick walk around body inspection. We do not drive these vehicles for a long period of time and only up to 50kph, merely enough for us to get a basic feel for the vehicles.

All in trade understand that the more you walk around a vehicle the more you will see, so a once around approach is not designed to pick every nick, bang or mark but rather give an overall impression. If you as a trader want more than this full inspections can be arranged at your cost.

At all times  the examination and assessment of the condition of a vehicle is the responsibility of the purchaser, and this is clearly stated in our general terms and conditions.

  • 10.1 Buyer Inspection: A vehicle is complicated machinery that may contain inherent and latent defects which can only be discovered by a thorough pre purchase inspection. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that:

    (a) the responsibility for examining and assessing the condition of any vehicle rests with the Buyer;

Turners treat with respect the mutual business that we conduct with the motor vehicle trade but feel that some Traders are using our Vehicle Condition Guides in a manner that they weren’t designed for.

We hope that this gives some clarification as to the appropriate use of and extent of these inspections i.e. they’re not a full and comprehensive examination but a quick over view.

Once again, we appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you onsite, or online, sometime soon.

For further clarification please contact your local branch manager.