Turners BuySafe program is a 100% contactless buying & selling process designed to keep both our staff and our customers safe.

Our operating guidelines for our BuySafe program are below:

Buying a Car:

1. If you are interested in buying a car please contact the sales consultant on the car listing to discuss or call 0800 887 637.

  • You can secure the vehicle by placing a deposit using the BuyNow online functionality. Find out how here
  • Ask your consultant about a virtual test drive
  • Collection or a test drive can be done if you are comfortable coming into branch

2. Finance can be arranged in a 100% contactless process

View all cars for sale

View cars with 5-Day Money Back Guarantee


Selling your car:

1. Book an appraisal below if you are comfortable coming into a branch

2. If not we can give you a good indication of what we will pay for your vehicle from up to date photos. Please call 0800 887 637 for details on how to do this, or you can submit your photos here


Safety for our customers and our staff is our highest priority

  • Most of the BuySafe process can be done online and we strongly recommend that customers take advantage of this

Do your research and buy your next car 100% online 

  • There's a huge range of nearly 3,000 vehicles, across many makes and models - many of them discounted heavily
  • Plenty of hi-res images with a zoom function
  • Watchlist and compare functionality - more of our tools to help you choose your car are here 
  • You can even save your search and we’ll notify you when vehicles become available

 Talking to the Turners Team

  • Every car has the phone number or email address of a consultant who will be able to
    • Discuss the car and the BuySafe process with you
    • Do a walk around the car – the team are happy to do a video call or can make a video and send it through to you
  • If you are looking to trade in a vehicle please tell the consultant
  • Finance and insurance options are available and a Business Manager can call or video conference at a time of your choosing to discuss these
  • Finance and Insurance contracts can be completed 100% online
  • To start the process either contact us or fill in an application here   

Turners Cars will be operating a 5-day money back guarantee on selected vehicles

  • If you want to return the car inside 5 days, then Turners will refund the sale price of the vehicle, no questions asked
  • View vehicles with the 5 day right of return here
  • You do have to pay for the car upfront and there are terms and conditions around the condition of the car that apply here
    • Any additional costs such as add-ons to the vehicle  are not refundable
  • This does not apply to some of the vehicles for sale as Turners are selling these on the behalf of others that did not want to participate in this program. The vehicles that do have the 5-day money back guarantee will be clearly marked on the website.

100% contactless online BuyNow process

  • We can facilitate payment 100% remotely via the online BuyNow function and internet banking
  • Find out how here

Contactless vehicle collection 

  • We can offer contactless collection for you of your vehicle, please get in touch with us