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Turners Cars is the largest used car network in New Zealand with 20 car dealer locations nationwide. With a huge range of around 3,000 cars for sale (and another 1,500 being prepared for sale at any one time) there is truly something for everyone. We’ve been helping Kiwis buy and sell used cars for over 50 years. And if you want car finance or car insurance, we can sort that out for you as well.

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Understated Retro Charm

This Granddad spec 1982 Mitsubishi Sigma has developed a charm that it may have lacked in its heyday. All that beige upholstery and brown plastic went through a period of being deeply unpopular. But what was once sarcastically described as poo brown has now very definitely become chocolate brown in the eyes of many. If you see more Cadbury than Cackbury then this low mileage Sigma could be a mouth watering prospect. Read on...
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Madness on Three Wheels

So you want to be noticed whilst experiencing wind in the hair motoring on three wheels with a 5.7 litre V8 between your legs? Well you’re in luck as Turners has the vehicle you’re looking for, and it’s road legal and ready to ride/drive. Just bring a helmet, a packet of brave pills and fresh undies. Read on...
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A Sporty Hybrid? - Why Not?

So you find the regular Nissan Note E-Power a bit bland? Well they also do a Nismo edition, and it’s a blast to drive. Unlike most hybrid vehicles, the Nissan Note e-Power is the perfect compromise for those wanting the EV driving experience without the need to plug in. And the fact that it doesn’t plug-in means it’s exempt from the recently introduced EV/Hybrid road user charges. But can it really be a driver’s car? Well yes, actually. Read on...
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Peak BMW?

It’s considered by many to be peak BMW 3 series and in its day the E46 was highly regarded. With the E30 well and truly in classic territory, with prices to match, maybe the E46 will be the next classic 3 series, especially if it’s a wagon with a big 6 under the bonnet (*of course the M3 is already a classic). Like this Kiwi new 328i Touring with a temptingly low auction estimate. Read on...
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