Understated Retro Charm

This Granddad spec 1982 Mitsubishi Sigma has developed a charm that it may have lacked in its heyday. All that beige upholstery and brown plastic went through a period of being deeply unpopular. But what was once sarcastically described as poo brown has now very definitely become chocolate brown in the eyes of many. If you see more Cadbury than Cackbury then this low mileage Sigma could be a mouth watering prospect. Read on...

There’s a movement that’s been building in the UK and other parts of Europe, and now in NZ. A movement that celebrates the unexceptional cars, the forgotten everyday transport, the throwaway designs and, in some cases, the deeply unpopular. And it makes sense when you see the prices of exceptional cars verses the prices of unexceptional cars. Now these automotive appliances of the past are getting pretty rare. Welcome to fantastically unexceptional motoring.

The fact that this Mitsi Sigma Super Saloon still exists is a triumph over adversity. Rust killed many in the first decade and those that remained became just old cars that were only of interest to those on the tightest of budgets. But every now and then, one rolls out of a garage where it has been cosseted and rarely driven by someone who bought it new and cherished it.

This car was imported from Japan in 2023 and is reading just 31500kms. It’s remarkably tidy and is a true survivor. With the recent up-tick in interest of cars like this, prices have risen. But in classic terms it still sits in the affordable classic range with an auction estimate of $7900 - $8900.

Brown is back and beige is cool again. More details here.

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