Madness on Three Wheels

So you want to be noticed whilst experiencing wind in the hair motoring on three wheels with a 5.7 litre V8 between your legs? Well you’re in luck as Turners has the vehicle you’re looking for, and it’s road legal and ready to ride/drive. Just bring a helmet, a packet of brave pills and fresh undies. Read on...

Somebody thought this would be a good idea and built it, and good on them for having that ‘can do’ spirit. Could it have been tempered with a bit of the ‘should do?’ spirit? Maybe.

It was actually built by Trinity Trikes and first registered in 2012. It is fitted with a Chev 350 crate motor and a 350 Turbo Trans. The rear tyres are modest (lol) 33x21.5 Mickey Thompson drag racing items, and the front is a single Hankook car tyre. Steering is via the ergonomically challenging handlebars and there are brakes, if you need them. Storage is limited to what you can fit on your lap and maybe a Pack n Save bag over the handlebars.

With a rear wing for downforce over the massive rear tyres and the passengers sitting near the rear, it feels like the front might get a bit airborne before the rear tyres break loose. This is where the spare undies might come in handy.

This Trike is registered as a car and can therefore be driven on a car license and without a helmet. This is where the brave pills might come in handy.

So, if you’re extroverted and brave, this could be your new daily. And at $64,994 it’s still probably cheaper and safer than base jumping or free diving. More details here.

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