Beauty Over Brawn

The Italian beauty that could’ve been so much more but still delivers a knockout blow in the looks department. The Alfa Romeo Brera may have been watered down from its original concept but it still retains its drop-dead gorgeousness. And instead of being a very limited slice of exotica afforded only by the most wealthy (which is what it could’ve been) it’s accessible and affordable to many. This example is for sale right now at Turners Tauranga. Read on...

The Brera concept was unveiled at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show where it was a smash hit winning the “best in show” award. It was designed by one of the all-time great designers, Giorgetto Giugiario and in concept form it was rear-wheel drive and powered by a 400hp Maserati V8. Sadly, and possibly quite sensibly, when the concept was put into production it was based on the front wheel drive 159 platform with less than fire-breathing power-plants.

But while the Brera missed out on becoming an exclusive supercar it did retain much of the concept car’s good looks and in 2006 was named ‘most beautiful car of the year’ at the International Automobile Festival. 19 years on from its commercial release it still looks quite special and you have to think time will continue to be kind on it’s bold styling. A true classic in waiting.

This 2009 example has the V6 3.2 engine that produces 256hp. Sadly, this is a GM derived V6 and not the famous and utterly glorious sounding Busso V6 that was phased out not long before the Brera’s launch. This example has an automatic transmission and the Q4 4WD system and has travelled 177,500kms since being sold new in NZ. Whilst it doesn’t have the power its sporting looks suggest, it’s the looks that make the Brera such an interesting car. And it’s the looks that make the Brera such a tempting car to buy, especially given its price tag of $9990.

Exclusive Italian exotica doesn’t come any more affordable than the Brera and you really don’t have to be all that brave to buy one. So rather than stumping up the cash for an instantly forgettable A to B car that you’ll lose in the car park every time you go shopping, buy one of the best looking cars of the 21st century.

This Alfa Romeo Brera is available right now at Turners Tauranga. More details here

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