Corrrrr Vette

The eighties were the era of stone wash denim, Ocean Pacific tank tops, poodle hair and digital dashboards, and the fourth generation C4 Corvette fits in with this era perfectly. It couldn’t be any more eighties if the stereo only played ‘Hot for Teacher’ by Van Halen on repeat. This one is for sale at Turners Christchurch at a very 1980s price. Read on... 

The Corvettes from the eighties have long been over-looked by admirers of American cars. This is odd as it was a school boy’s dream in the eighties. Many a biology period was spent drawing Corvettes, usually with flames coming from the exhaust pipes and smoke pouring off the rear tyres. To a 13 year old boy the Vette represented speed, danger and utter coolness. No kid in 1986 was drawing Toyotas or Datsuns because that was what their parents drove. It’s got a big 5.7 litre V8, and it’s quick enough to spill your Jolt Cola on your Wrangler jeans. What’s not to love about the C4 Corvette? 

Rather than being the more common red or black this 1986 Corvette is in a more subtle colour (for a Vette) which helps it blend in just a tiny bit. It also looks to have been well cared for since arriving in NZ in 2015. 

The C4 Vette is as American as Baseball and Cheez Whiz and this one can be purchased at the very 1980s price of just $15790 with a 5 day money back guarantee. More details here.

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