Flogging a Dead hearse

It’s a hearse and a Ford Falcon station wagon. This may be a case of flogging a dead hearse. Although, unlike it’s many back seat passengers, this Falcon is not dead, as a model it was sent to the farm years ago. This has created a problem for undertakers as a Ford Ranger would require some alterations to both coffin and its contents. In any case, this “survivor” hearse is up for auction. Is it haunted? Wouldn’t that be fun. Read on...

The death of the Falcon Wagon was felt most in the death industry. Try transporting a casket in the back of a Mustang, or a Ford Escape (although the name has a certain ring to it). So what happens when the last of the old Falcon wagon hearses succumb to old age? It may just be that our remains will be driven away from the funeral home, our grieving family waving us off for the final time, strapped to the flatbed of a Ford Ranger.

Whilst that time is hopefully in our distant future this 2008 BF3 Wagon, with relatively low kilometres, can still have a life moving people who are very much alive...or wardrobes, beds... It’s being auctioned at Turners Tauranga. More details here.

***Could it be haunted? It seems unlikely that someone would choose to haunt a hearse. Surely you’d haunt a house, or a school, or a church? Somewhere you have a connection to. To haunt a hearse seems like a wasted opportunity. But it is possible, I guess.*** 

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