Good Ol’ Boy

The Ford F-series trucks are as American as Cheez Whiz and Twinkies. But unlike day-glo processed cheese and fake cream sponge fingers the F Series is a useful and tough workhorse (although about as good for the planet as those confections are for your body). And being from 1980s USA it’s big, thirsty and not all that fast. However, while it may be as common as an AK47 at a Texan BBQ State-side, the big Ford is a fairly uncommon sight in NZ and therefore quite desirable. Read on... 

It was once favoured mainly by people with names like Bubba and Loretta but these days vintage Ford F Series trucks are appealing to boutique brewery and retro clothing store owners with names like Sebastian and Brittany. And they do look cool, in a straight forward, functional kind of way. This was still the age of the truck as a practical work vehicle before it became what we see today – a luxury family barge for the school drop-off. It wasn’t fast or terribly comfortable but it was durable and could be fixed with parts bought from a mom ‘n pop hardware store. 

This 1985 example is from the 7th generation, the first generation to be completely redesigned since 1965, which is a bit hard to believe looking at it. It is fitted with the base 4.9L straight six that puts out a staggering (as in it really is a stagger for this heavy old thing) 125hp. It has a top speed and a 0-100 time but they are still being measured. However, this level of performance comes at a cost as the old timer drinks more than a social rugby team after a win on Saturday. 

This F150 is being auctioned at Turners Hamilton on 23rd March with a buyer’s guide of $29500-$30500. More details here.

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