Tougher than an Overcooked Steak

If you need a car for your daily commute then this Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be perfect for you...if your commute involves war zones, mountains or boulder strewn muddy fields. It will also be perfect for the school run if the school is located on top of a mountain with no road access. This 2013 NZ new example is available now. Read on...

The Wrangler’s roots go back to the famous Willys Jeep of World War 2. And while it’s no longer the bone shaker it was in its early days it’s still very much at its best when dealing with terrain that would send most other SUVs scuttling back to the suburbs in horror. It’s a sturdy body-on-ladder frame design with lots of ground clearance and suspension travel and in this 2013 Sport version is loaded with important off-roading gubbins. Its rigid front and rear axles, locking differentials, hill descent control, electronically detachable front anti-roll bar and all-terrain tyres make the Wrangler a true hero when you need to venture away from the tarmac.

Much like the legendary Land Rover Defender, it has introduced certain levels of comfort over the years but don’t expect it to be the most comfortable daily driver. The Wrangler doesn’t compromise on its stated intent to tame the wild - well, except for cruise control, air conditioning, sound system...

This NZ new Wrangler has travelled only 67000km and is ready to take you on your next adventure. More details here.

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