More Issues Than Vogue

When someone says you ‘have more issues than Vogue’ are they referring to the magazine or the Range Rover Vogue? That is perhaps a bit unfair on the old Rangy but it does have a reputation for poor reliability and expensive parts. However, the second generation Range Rover P38 is a handsome beast and classic status is almost assured. So is this NZ new example worth a punt? Read on...

The Range Rover is essentially a posher Land Rover favoured by royalty, rich farmers and premier league footballers. It is brilliant off road but most are bought to impress clients and largely reside in expensive inner-city suburbs. As a road car they are powerful and imposing and very comfortable while still retaining the handling of farm hack.

Where the Range Rover really excels is fuel Consumption. It slurps fuel like a binge drinker on a weekend bender and really will drink most other cars under the table. The 4.6L V8 combined with the weight of a large iron bridge causes the fuel gauge needle to act more like a speedometer.

So the Rangy is an impressive drinker but it does also suffer ailments such as problematic air suspension, oil leaks, cooling system woes, haunted electrics etc. Parts are expensive and labour (due to some tricky to access components) can be ruinous. Otherwise the P38 Range Rover is a joy to own.

OK, so the Range Rover Vogue may have more issues than Vogue but it’s still handsome, imposing and comfortable. And, geez, it’ll look good sitting in the driveway. This car is being sold online with a start price of just $3500. More info here.

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