Limoncello or Banana Milkshake?

Ferrari and Holden appeal to very different car enthusiasts as a rule. After all, Ferraris are expensive, extroverted and showy whereas Holdens are more often conservative, practical and, usually, affordable. So imagine a world where a NZ new 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider in fantastic condition has an auction guide just one third of that of a 1996 VS Commodore. Crazy, right? Well, no, actually.

The Commodore VS GTS-R was limited to just 85 units built, 10 of these were sent to NZ and it’s believed only 4 remain here today. The big banana, as it became known, was the most expensive Holden ever built at the time and was a bit of a V8 Supercar for the road. The 5.7L V8 produced around 290hp at 4800 RPM. It had loads of low down grunt and was only available with a 6 speed manual transmission and was only available in XU-3 Yellah (or yellow).

The Ferrari F355 Spider is relatively common compared to the GTS-R with over 3700 produced but it’s not the sort of car you lose in a supermarket car park either. Its 3.5L V8 engine produces 375hp at 8250rpm, so it’s a screamer with a slick, gated 6 speed manual transmission that’ll knock off the 0-100kph in 4.7 seconds. 

So the Commodore may look like a taxi that’s been styled by the Teletubbies but its rarity and its iconic in-your-face garishness have meant prices are skyrocketing. Earlier this year an example with just 86kms on the odo sold for $1m and this is why this car has a price expectation of $330,000-$380,000.

As odd as it may sound, if you are working with a more restrictive budget then the Ferrari might be more up your alley. Sure its sober black leather upholstery might be a bit more grown up than the Holden’s but its guide of $110,000-$130,000 might make up for it.

Whether you prefer lemons or bananas one of these two greats is for you. More info here and here.

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