A Wolf in Labrador’s Clothing

It may look like a family wagon with big wheels and shoulder pad style wheel arches, and it is all that. But this 2016 Audi RS6 is so much more. And, dare I say, more than enough to make the $104k price tag look very reasonable – I’ll explain. 

The price tag may seem steep for a 5 year old wagon that wouldn’t look out of place on a family holiday with two kids, a dog and camping gear in the back. But the RS6 Performance edition boasts some staggering punch and a turn of speed usually seen only in the most exclusive supercars.

Its 600hp will see 0-100kph come up in 3.7 seconds and the speed limiter will kick in a 250kph (300+ is theoretically achievable). And its 750nm of torque kicks sand in the face of most V8s. To put it all in perspective this sort of performance combined with it’s Quattro 4wd system and the phenomenal grip from the 21” tyres will have this family wagon nipping at the heals of modern Ferraris and Lambos, even beating some of them.

But for all the RS6’s supercar performance it’s a comfortable, safe and practical car that you can drive everyday without feeling like the world is watching you, hoping you’ll crash embarrassingly and end up on YouTube. Something unavoidable in a Lamborghini.

So now consider the price tag of this NZ new supercar in family wagon clothing. It performs like a supercar while also performing the tasks of a normal car and is not defeated by speed humps. All this for a fraction of a similar aged supercar and less than half the price of a new Audi RS6.

This Wolf in Labrador threads is available to buy right now at Turners Glenfield. More details here.


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