Corrrr Vette

The Corvette is as American as whipped cream in a can and luminous yellow cheese. And like those products some ‘vette models had a similar recipe of instant gratification mixed with sluggish performance and weight gain. But the C6, like the C5 before it, was a change for the better. It was a brand new car with new ideas and cutting edge technology. There was still plenty of red meat in the Corvette’s diet with its 430hp LS3 aluminium hand-built V8 but this was tempered with low drag, low weight and a quick shifting automatic transmission that could match the manual car’s 0-100kph of 4 seconds when combined with the newly added launch control on the Grand Sport edition.

A problem with earlier Corvettes was their ability to go fast in a straight line not being matched by their ability to go around a corner. The C5 and C6 addressed that issue with better brakes, stiffer chassis, 50/50 weight distribution and the use of modern weight saving materials. The Corvette had become a proper sports car.

This car is a 2010 Grand Sport model with just 16,300 miles on the clock. It is fitted with the 3LT Heritage package that adds a bunch of options such as heads-up display and stickers, and is also fitted with Z51 handling package which includes more intense dampers and springs, bigger stabilizer bars, and larger cross-drilled brake rotors further enhancing what is already a pretty potent piece of kit.

The auction takes place next Tuesday at Turners Auckland with a guide price of $60,000-$63,000. More details here.  

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