Cat Amongst the Pigeons

When it comes to absolute power and luxury most think BMW M5, Mercedes AMG C63 or Audi RS6. But there’s a classy alternative to the Germans that could easily be overlooked but might be the best of the lot. Turners have this Jaguar XFR and the big cat might just blow your mind if not your budget. 

To suggest the big Jag could be better than its illustrious rivals is a big call, but there is substance to the argument. Okay, so its 503hp and a 0-100 time of 4.9s is not quite as powerful or as quick as the Germans but by any measure it’s insanely well endowed in both criteria. But it is quieter and more comfortable. In standard trim it’s also more understated but with this example the bling has been ramped up just a tad with the addition of a spoiler and black alloys.

The other area where the Jag excels is price. The XFR was $200k new but this Turners Certified 2011 example with 76000km can be driven away for just $41988. That may sound like a decent wedge of cash, especially if your budget, like mine, doesn’t stretch beyond a more modest set of wheels, but you get a snarling supercharged V8, 8 speed paddle shift transmission, active suspension and every gadget you’ll ever need and some you never will.

The XFR was the most powerful Jaguar ever when it was released and not much touches the big cat today. More details here.

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