How is Your Car Coping with Lockdown?

With lockdown ending its 4th week some of us will not have driven our cars for a long time, or occasionally at best. Our cars have likely been neglected and it’ll show. So maybe it’s time to evict the spiders, clean off the dust and make sure it still runs and moves. 

If your bubble is anything like the average you’ll have several cars parked in the drive with only one getting the occasional drive to the supermarket to stock up on flour and toilet paper. This means the other cars are just sitting there, largely ignored, mostly neglected and with their sparkle dimming by the day.

Let’s address that dimming sparkle first. Cars, especially modern cars, don’t like sitting around doing nothing. And the first thing to walk out in protest will be the juice from your car’s battery. Even when your modern car sits there unused there are still electronics working in the background that slowly drain your battery. Don’t wait until lockdown lifts to discover your car’s battery is flatter than that half finished bottle of tonic water that’s been sitting in your fridge since you ran out of gin in week one.

If your battery hasn’t gone completely flat yet get the car running and allow it to get up to temperature for a while whilst the alternator performs its battery charging magic. The engine and cooling system will appreciate it as well. It wouldn’t hurt to release the handbrake and move the car to prevent the brakes sticking too.

Your car has likely become home to squatters such as spiders. Eviction notices need to served now before your wing mirrors become completely engulfed in webs. Also, check the interior for remnants of takeaways purchased in pre-lockdown times. It won’t be pretty but best to do it now while you can still have a sit down to recover than on the morning of your first drive to work.

And finally, if you live somewhere that isn’t suffering from water shortages, maybe give your car a wash. Not only will your car feel better, you will feel better about your car. No longer the dusty, silent hulk providing refuge to spiders and cockroaches your car will be transformed to a gleaming chariot ready to transport you as soon as the rules allow.


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