Want to sell your classic but don’t want the hassle?

Do you have a classic car that you’ve been meaning to sell? Maybe it doesn’t get as much use as it deserves or maybe you want to buy something else or need the money to fix the daily driver. Whatever the reason it makes sense to enter it into our next classic auction on 15th June. 

So why put your gem in a Turners classic live auction? Well if you’ve ever sold a classic car yourself you will have come across the “experts” who want to point out “faults”, “important details” and generally show off their incredible knowledge base. Some of these people are genuine buyers but many are just bored trolls. Then there’s meeting people for viewings on your precious and ridiculously short weekends. Some will turn up, some won’t. The ones that will turn up may pick holes in your pride and joy and then offer you $5k below your asking price. The thought of all this may be the reason why your classic is gathering dust in your garage because you’re dreading listing it for sale.

The classic auction always pulls a large crowd, none of whom you will have to personally deal with. Some of them may not know they want your precious classic until they see it in the flesh. They may never have even considered buying a car like yours until they saw it parked in our building so would never have discovered your Trade Me listing. Call it an impulse buy but it definitely happens and the results can be stellar.

We take the photos, write the listing, display the car, deal with enquiries, and when the car is sold we collect the payment and change the ownership. It really is so much easier and less time consuming for you.

As this auction is being held at Turners Christchurch it will help if you can get your car there. But if you live anywhere else in the country your local branch can help you. Just call them (see here).

Avoid the hassle and give us a call today. More details here.


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