It Bites - 22nd January, 2019

The Porsche Cayman gets its name from a small alligator that will bite your face off given half a chance. It’s also the name of rubber clog style footwear made by Crocs. Don’t get them mixed up. One is functional, comfortable and fun and the other is ugly footwear. Slip your feet into this one

The Porsche Cayman is basically a Boxter with a roof but it’s a bit more than that. The rear track is wider and it’s lighter than the Boxter. It also looks more like a 911 than the Boxter. It may have its roots in the sometimes maligned Boxter with its hairdresser tag but there’s no doubting its driving credentials. It’s not eye-wateringly fast by modern supercar standards but its reputation for handling and sheer fun is untouchable. The engine is mid mounted, rather than rear mounted in the 911, giving the car excellent weight distribution and stability. It’s a blast to drive even at legal speeds making it a great daily driver or weekend fun car.

This 2007 Cayman has the 2.7L flat six engine that produces 245bhp. It has a tiptronic auto transmission, fairly low kilometres and it’ll turn heads when you drive down the road. It may be the cheapest way to get that legendary Porsche flat six growl and you lose nothing in the driving appeal.

This Cayman is being auctioned at Turners Christchurch with a very realistic reserve. Time to get bitten, but in a good way. More details here.

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