February Newsletter

Ford Reveals it’s V8 Supercar Mustang

You may be wondering why Scott Mclaughlin’s new Mustang V8 Supercar looks so different from an actual Mustang. With its droopy snout, bigger windscreen and side glass, slightly squashed body and longer tail you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not really a Mustang at all. And you’d be right.
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Only in New Zealand

New Zealand’s history of designing and mass manufacturing cars is brief to say the least. There was the Trekka and, well, that was it really. However, we did once have a rich history of assembling cars, and some pretty important ones at that. We built up VW Beetles, Fiat 500s (or Bambina in NZ only), Minis, Corollas, even Vespas, and many, many more.
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