Miniature Pony - 31st October, 2018

Most people associate the Ford Mustang with a V8 but in these times of soaring fuel prices a six cylinder Mustang doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Luckily Ford made a smaller engined Mustang and due to the preference to the V8 it can often be picked up for a song. This bone stock ’65 is just such a car. Read on...

When the Mustang hit the streets of America in 1964 most buyers wanted a V8 under the hood. It was a sporty car and why not have the biggest, most powerful engine you could afford? But some opted for the straight six, whether for budget reasons or fuel economy. Many of those cars have had V8 transplants making the humble “Thriftpower” six a bit of a rarity these days.

Truth be told, if you buy this car you will forever be asked “when are you gonna put a V8 in it?”. However, there’s something very NZ about the six version. Those that grew up with cars from this generation in NZ are more used to the straight six engines found in many of our favourite Aussie models. Owners found ways to make them go fast and a souped up in-line six can sound pretty sensational.

The other attractive thing about this car is its manual transmission rather than the usual slush box. This will make it a more involving car to drive if not blisteringly quick.

It’s also very original. Get it complied, give it a polish and drive it. Nearly every classic Mustang has been restored to within an inch of its life. Sometimes it’s best to let an old car show its age.

This is a chance to get into classic Mustang ownership at a reasonable price. One day, if petrol hits $5, it’ll be the one to own. More details here.

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