The Velvet Hammer - 28th June, 2018

Where the Audi RS4 looks like a comfortable family car that belies its brutal performance, the RS5 coupe looks like it could be quite fast and it really, seriously is. But it still has an understated elegance that hides some of its true nature; a velvet hammer if you like. 

The RS5 has an engine that packs a punch but its Quattro all-wheel-drive system with clever centre differential makes it easy to tame. The 450hp 4.2L V8 will catapult you from a standstill to 100kph in less time than it took you to speed read this sentence and will keep going until 250kph is reached. However, outwardly, although looking sleek, it doesn’t have the aggressive stance and bonnet bulges of a BMW M3. The RS5, like the RS4 before it, is a lesson in understatement and this carries through into the driving experience. Sure it’s brutally powerful and outrageously fast but it’s a car that can be driven sedately without feeling like it’s being held back. But hit the loud pedal hard and you don’t need to be a race driver to keep it under control.

This 2011 English import has travelled just 43,000kms and is fitted with an aftermarket Milltek performance exhaust system for added bite, and it has been recently serviced. Back when it was new you’d have to shell out in excess of $150k but you can buy this one today for less than a third of that price at just $49,995. More info here.

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