Nearly New and Nearly All Gone - 6th July, 2018

Why buy new when you can buy nearly new? Turners has eight 2017 BMW X5s that you can buy right now. They are exactly one year old, have very low kilometres, loads of warranty and are many thousands of dollars cheaper than new. They are also selling faster than the German football team’s World Cup exit. 

Firstly, and interesting fact: The BMW X5 has been a mighty success for the German car giant but for all its German-ness it’s actually built in America. While America’s President has been calling Germany “very bad” and even threatened to halt the sales of German cars in America, BMW has become the largest exporter by value of cars from the USA. BMW build their X Series cars in South Carolina at a massive facility that employs over 10000 people, using 235 US suppliers and churning out 1400 cars a day.

So let’s look at these cars then: There is a range of Xdrive 25D SE and SE+ Family package as well as two Xdrive 30D SE Family Package examples. As you’d expect the 30D is a 3 litre diesel and the 25D is, perhaps a tad confusingly, is a 2 litre diesel. Each car is loaded with more fruit than a Nelson orchard and the kilometres range between 13,500 – 27,000. Each car comes with the balance (4 years!) of its factory warranty and as the cars are located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, Turners will even have your chosen vehicle delivered to your closest branch free of charge.

And then there’s the price: Well if we take just one example, this 30D Family Pack 4WD with 21000kms, the new price, including the added options, was $141,340. Today? How about $89,860 drive away? That’s a saving of $51,480. So why buy new when you can buy nearly new? I rest my case. More details here.

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