A Bargain Future Classic? 14th December, 2018

Playing the “Future Classic” game is tricky but with this 2005 low mileage Mazda RX8 it could be a game worth playing for two reasons. Firstly, pretty much every rotary powered Mazda has become collectible and has increased in value over time so the future should be bright for the RX8. Secondly, these are simply really good cars at low prices that’ll be fun to own and drive. So is there a downside?

Mazda’s rotary engine has always had issues and while they tried to iron out the flaws in its final incarnation it has still been somewhat problematic. Hot starting issues are a sign of an engine on the way out and this seems to be a common issue that is keeping prices very low. But this can be seen as a plus for the canny investor. If these engines are well maintained they will have a long and happy life. Find a good one, hold onto it and wait for the majority to fall by the wayside and suddenly you have a rare car that will be sought after.

 The standard car squirts out 190hp and is fitted with a 5 speed manual transmission. The RX8 is rear wheel drive with a near 50:50 weight distribution, has some trick suspension and nice use of weight saving materials. The styling may not be as instantly appealing as other RX cars before it but it does have that one cool party trick that makes it just a bit more practical for a sports car – the rear “suicide” doors. These passenger doors give decent access to surprisingly comfortable rear seats.

So what about this car? Well it’s from 2005, has travelled just 64,000kms and has a mixed mechanical report (low engine oil, but these engines naturally consume oil so might be fine). The auction estimate is a mere $2500 - $4000 so whether it becomes a classic or not it’s great buying for a fun, practical sports car. And who knows, in 20 years it could be seen as a must have retro collectible. Bonus!

The auction for the Mazda is at Turners Porirua. More details here.

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