You’re Ready for a Holiday but is Your Car?

You’re Ready for a Holiday but is Your Car?


It’s been a long year and you’re ready for a holiday. But it has also been a long year for your car. So is it in need of some loving before you hit the long hot NZ summer holiday period?

Is Your Car Due for a Service?


A simple service and a check of things like the cooling system and battery could be the difference between you making it to that New Years eve party or summer festival that you’ve been so looking forward to, or being stranded in some small town where the highlight of the year is at Mrs Mill’s house.

Servicing your car costs money, money which can be a bit tight at this time of the year. But the cost of not servicing your car could be even higher. I’m sure Mrs Mills plays some banging tunes though.

At least do it yourself


If you can’t afford a proper service at least do the basics yourself. Checking your oil and water is easy yet it’s so often neglected. Pull the dipstick and check the oil level. If it’s low, top it up. If it’s black, change it. Same with the coolant - if it’s a bit low, top it up. If it’s rusty coloured and low, get it changed and have the system checked for leaks. The risk of ignoring these basic maintenance jobs is an expired car, not making it to see your favourite bands playing on New Years eve and having to settle for a night in some sleepy town where this band is rocking in the new year. No covers, all originals, too.

How’s Your Battery?



Is your battery old and tired? Does it crank the engine a bit sluggishly? It could be stuffed and ignoring it could mean a broken alternator and a night with the Schytts in some ‘blink and you missed it’ town on your way to your desired holiday destination.

It may be a little known fact but a weak battery could cause your alternator to die prematurely. At this point replacing the battery is too late; the horse has bolted. The alternator charges the battery and runs the electrical components of your car while you drive. An ailing battery will cause the alternator to over-work, get hot and eventually expire. What could’ve been avoided with the installation of a new battery when it first showed signs of unhappiness now means a new battery AND an alternator AND a night with the Schytts. This is a much bigger financial and emotional cost than you bargained for.

Give your car some love and attention before you hit the road this summer and it should repay you with a trouble free holiday. 

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