Low Key Limo - 10th April, 2018

If you are an important person in Japan, such as the Prime Minister, then chances are you get ferried around in a Toyota Century. This 2006 model is hard to distinguish from an original 1967 model, but under the bonnet sits some rare Japanese V12 madness. If you want to look important while having your butt massaged then read on...

The Century was named to celebrate the 100th birthday of Toyota’s founder Sakichi Toyoda. This suggests that the Century is the most important Toyota in Japan. Indeed it is - if you want to buy one you have to go to a special dealer and no doubt prove your worthiness. It has never been marketed outside of Japan so they are a very rare sight on any roads outside the land of the rising sun.

The Century is an important car for important people so it has its share of exclusive features. Firstly there’s the V12 lump sitting up front. The Century is the only production rear wheel drive, V12 in Japan and this engine was made specifically for the Century and is not found in any other model.

In the rear cabin accommodation (the only place for a passenger of this stature to sit) one can have their back and buttocks massaged by their reclining, heated AND cooled seats. In this case the grey leather suggests this was a high end town car (or posh taxi to you and I).

I think the coolest thing about the Century is its understated appearance and this is very much by design. Rather than being a car for rich movie stars or footballers Toyota states "the Century is acquired through persistent work, the kind that is done in a plain but formal suit."

This is a rare opportunity to make your mark. Whether you’re the Prime Minister or the chairman of the local bowls club it’s important to amplify your importance...and persistent work, of course. This car is available to buy now from Turners Penrose. More details here.

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