Go Anywhere in Supreme Comfort - 25th May, 2017

It’s big and tough, will go places most cars can’t and it’ll fit the whole family. But this 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX Limited has a softer side, too. The VX Limited is also built for comfort so you and your family will hardly know you’ve left home. A new one will cost you $100k but Turners North Shore has this one and it’s on sale at the moment. 

If your idea of a well appointed car is: a CD player, air conditioning and electric windows then the Prado might be a bit overwhelming at first. This top of the range model has more fruit than a Hawkes Bay orchard and it’s not all just for the driver.

As the driver you get satellite navigation, front and rear cameras, dynamic cruise control, hill start assist, downhill assist, steering wheel controls for pretty much everything and a powerful 3 litre Diesel engine. It’s a serious bit of driving kit that’s even better off-road than on it. And it’s pretty good on it, too.

But the Prado isn’t all about the driver. Your passengers (you can have 6 of them travelling with you) are well looked after. There’s a 14 speaker stereo system, roof mounted screen for rear passenger entertainment, three zone climate control and more leather than a Motorcycle convention.

And it’s safe, too. There’s a full complement of airbags, a pre-accident warning system, stability control, traction control...the list goes on. All this makes the Prado one of the safest large family cars on our roads.

All this tech, comfort and safety doesn’t come cheap but this low kilometre example (21,000km) offers a significant saving over a new one at just $67995, or $9700 per passenger if that sounds better. It’s the perfect all weather, all season, family adventure wagon. More info here.


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