Back to the Future, and Back Again - 13th July, 2017

If there is such a thing as a car that is double retro then the Nissan Figaro is it. It was a special project for the Japanese market launched under the banner “back to the future”. That was 26 years ago, which quite possibly makes it the first car to re-imagine the 60s and the first to become a retro themed classic in its own right. So it’s now double retro. This one’s being auctioned at Turners North Shore. 

But what makes this car even more collectible is its rarity. The Figaro was only available in Japan for one year and buyers had to go into a lottery for the chance to buy one. Only around 20,000 were built in total. It has a turbo charged 987cc engine that puts out a respectable 75hp, has leather upholstery and a full length opening roof. So it’s back to the sixties with early nineties technology – uncomplicated and reliable then.

The Figaro has had some celebrity owners, too. Former Arsenal central defender Thomas Vermaelen owned one, which is odd because premiership footballers are usually seen in some blinged up supercar or a black SUV with ridiculously huge chrome wheels. Eric Clapton also had a thing for the wee Figaro, falling in love with one while on tour in Japan and having one sent back to Blighty.

This car was imported from England by its current owner (I checked, it’s not the Clapton car unfortunately), has been carefully maintained and has low mileage for its 26 years. So it’s a good one.

So it’s rare, retro and collectible - could you be the next partner in the marriage of this Figaro? This car is scheduled to be auctioned as part of the Turners National Classic Car Auction starting on 28th July. More details here.


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