Do you want to Sell Your Classic Car? - 24th February, 2017

Is your garage being cluttered up with an old Porsche 911 or Ford Mustang? Or maybe an old Holden project that never got off the ground after buying it with great intentions of it becoming your daily driver? Well now might be a good time to cash it up at the Turners national classic car auction being held online from 10th March.

The end of summer is a good time to sell your classic car as there are plenty of cashed up buyers looking for a winter project or something to tinker with during the dark, colder months. So how about you release yourself from the shackles of a car that stares at you every time you open the garage, teasing you with its dead battery and seized brakes? Or when you next look out the window on a wet day to see your beloved, but unused, old car braced against the conditions, pleading with you to put it undercover - cover you don’t have – maybe it’s time to let it go to somebody else before it becomes a large brown rust stain on your driveway.

Turners are running another of their popular online classic car auction where cars are located all over the country. There are plenty of interesting entries so far but there’s room for more.

There are advantages of having Turners sell your classic car for you. Turners will list and sell the car on your behalf. They will collect the money, deal with change of ownership, deal with questions and enquiries and help serious buyers get the information they need. You won’t have to deal with buyers making empty low-ball offers via text and asking silly questions. Turners can finance the sale for the buyer, too. If you’ve ever sold a car online yourself you have probably dealt with some or all of the issues I’ve mentioned and you’ll know it’s a big hassle.

So whether you’ve got a super desirable, concourse winning collectible or a modest, half finished project this is something you might want to be part of.

For more details email Ian Curry now.  


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