Company Cars – The Most Popular Used Car to Buy - 29th September, 2016

There are some that believe that the best used car to buy is the one that’s been owned by a little old lady who only used it for trips to the shops. This may be so, but there are two problems with finding one of these cars. Read on...

Firstly, despite the increasing average age of our population, there are only so many little old ladies with nice cars. Secondly, the little old ladies who buy new cars tend to keep them for around 30 years. So, if you’re looking for a nice 1986 Honda Civic then you could be in luck. However, if you’re looking for something a little more modern then you’ll have to widen your search.

Ex-company cars are a great option for a buyer looking for a late model car. These cars are usually 3-5 years old and represent excellent value. Typically a three year old ex-company car with 60,000km on the clock will cost roughly half what it would‘ve cost new.

Now it’s true that most company cars aren’t driven by little old ladies, but that doesn’t mean they’ve had a tough life. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, most lease cars are of the ‘fully maintained’ variety meaning that servicing costs are included in the lease price. This tends to ensure that servicing gets done as it’s already paid for. Secondly, a driver who returns a car at the end of the agreement in a shoddy state will get an ugly damages bill, or worse, their boss will. There’s nothing like financial penalties to encourage good behaviour.

Turners has been selling quality ex-lease and company vehicles for many years and in a recent survey nearly 50% of buyers said they prefer to buy ex-company cars over any other cars.

Turners have over 500 ex-company vehicles in stock at any given time so there’s bound to be something that will suit you. It’s probably the safest used car bet there is.

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