The Crown Jewel - 4th November, 2016

Continuing our series highlighting cars from the Turners National Classic Auction later this month today we look at a Toyota. In years gone by a Toyota Crown would not be seen in a classic car auction, even a coupe like this one. Times have changed and a car once considered old and ugly now looks strangely attractive. This one is an absolute stunner.

Toyota’s Crown model goes all the way back to 1955 but for many of us it’s the fourth generation model with its step front bonnet that’s the most memorable. The sedan was all manner of ugly and the wagon was the size of an aircraft carrier but the coupe looks just right, in a seventies futuristic sort of way. There’s no doubt that the Ford Mustang was a design inspiration even if the largest engine was a 2.6 six and the average owner was your granddad.

This particular NZ assembled Crown is a top spec coupe with the big six lump, manual gearbox, electric windows, vinyl upholstery, and a sort of olive/bronze colour scheme that was so popular in the seventies. The fake wire wheels, sheepskins and wing mirrors way down the end of the wings add to the period charm of this car. And then there’s the condition which is, quite frankly, outstanding for one of these old-timers. This is a true survivor of a decade where cars rusted faster than they drove and were less popular that athletes’ foot during the two decades that followed. As a result you find won’t too many as original and tidy as this one anywhere in the world.

Prices for classic Japanese cars are steadily climbing and this car will be a solid investment if you resist the urge to modify it with a bigger engine, bigger wheels and anything that’s not period correct. Fluffy dice and rear window louvres are acceptable though.

So it just goes to show that when predicting a future classic you should think outside the box. It could be the least likely of cars that everybody wants in 30-40 years.

The Turners National Classic Auction starts on the 25th November. More details here

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