I say, What a Rather Finely Crafted Automobile - 8th November, 2016

Leather upholstery, hand stitched by goddesses using thread made from the hair of baby pandas, a boot larger than many Auckland apartments and wood trim made from a walnut tree planted by God himself are just some of the features of this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. And it’s being sold at the Turners National Classic Car Auction this month...

It’s a strange old world where a car that is crafted from the finest materials by men and women with names like Charles and Diana is worth less than a sedan knocked together by a bunch of Aussie yahoos with names like Bruce and Sandra. But that’s the situation we have here. It seems, perhaps unsurprisingly, that we have more of a nostalgic affinity with cars that our parents drove than we do with the cars that our parents’ employers drove. This means that this low mileage Holden EH Special is likely to attract more bidders than this magnificent 1973 Rolls Royce in a colour that resembles the precious metal that was so coveted by the original owners of these cars.

Of course the Rolls will have one or two drawbacks. The 6.8 litre engine drinks petrol like a Melbourne Cup party animal. You’ll need a mechanic called Giles whose workshop resembles more of a surgery, with an hourly rate more in line with a criminal barrister to keep it going. And you’ll need to employ a chauffeur to drive it while you sip an aged single malt in the back. But is this a small price to pay for the privilege of lording it over your fellow road users?

This particular Roller looks to be a real pearler that’s been looked after. But, like any car from 1973, you’ll want to check it out carefully if you plan to bid. The price difference between a good Roller and one that’s been neglected is likely to be sizable but with a car such as this you are far better off spending more and getting the best you can afford. I’d say this one is likely to be one of the better examples on the market.

This Silver Shadow (RR had planned on calling it the Silver Mist until they found out “mist” meant dung in German) is being sold at the Turners National Classic auction that starts on 25th November. More details here.

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