One for the Good Ol’ Boys - 29th February, 2016

If this was America this Dodge Ram 1500 Big Daddy pick up would be covered in “Trump for President” stickers and be driven by a big guy in a trucker’s cap called Bubba. Luckily it’s in NZ, at Turners Wellington, which means the next owner doesn’t need to be an angry redneck.

The Dodge Ram, like the Ford F Series and the Chevy Silverado, is an incredibly popular big ol’ ute with a large engine that produces roughly the brake horse power of a hot Honda Civic and drinks petrol like a rugby team at a free beer tasting event. The Dodge Ram 1500 may not be subtle but it is tough and here in NZ it’s just a little bit different.

This particular Dodge Ram is the limited edition Don Garlits Big Daddy model. There were only 180 made and this is number 122. Don Garlits is a famous American drag racing dude in case you didn’t know. So, it’s a rare truck even in America which means it’ll be an incredibly rare truck here. As far as I can tell this edition was all cosmetic rather than performance upgrades. It has the 5.9L Magnum V8 that generates a modest 230hp meaning whilst it’s not terribly fast it will, however, tow a cruise liner if needed.  

So if you’re after an automotive equivalent of Donald Trump – more noise than substance and more popular than it should be – then this could be right up your alley. The auction is this Wednesday (2nd March) at Turners Wellington. More details here.

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