Has This Commer Come to a Full stop?

Whilst it looks like its trucking days may be over I really hope that’s not the case. As I looked through the photos of this 1954 Commer Superpoise truck I couldn’t help noticing its photogenic qualities. Its faded paint, rusty chrome and worn interior remind me of the heavily lined and tanned face of an old man who’s worked hard all his life but still looks ready for more. This truck needs recommissioning, not restoring. Are you up for it?

This T-467 Superpoise was built in England around 1954. It should have a 4.1l 6 cylinder petrol engine and a 4 speed crash gearbox. This is a 4 ton truck so when it does get going again it won’t be fast, comfortable or easy to drive. It has long since been deregistered and is no longer in the LTSA system. It no doubt needs lots of work to get it road legal and it’s bound to contain its fair share of resident spiders. So it’s not going to be an easy job and it will require money and a sympathetic eye.

It’s the sympathetic eye that is important here. Sure, the oily bits are easy for an experienced mechanic. The rust will not be a problem in the right hands. But it’s going to be hard to resist giving it a shiny new paint job, fresh chrome and new upholstery. Take another look at the photos and tell me it’s not aesthetically perfect as it sits. There is history everywhere on this old truck. The hard southern winters and hot dry summers are etched into its paintwork and upholstery. It’s what they call patina in the antiques trade and to do away with it would be a shame. You wouldn’t give a rugged old man a face lift and this truck doesn’t need one either. It’s no vintage Ferrari - its beauty is in its faded glory.

It may not be for the faint hearted but it may be for you. The auction is happening right now online and closes tomorrow (23/02) and bidding has hit $275 at the time of writing. It is located in Invercargill. More info here.

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