Molto Bello! 30th August, 2016

Yes it’s an Alfa Romeo which means it carries around a reputation of being temperamental and high maintenance. But all that seems rather trivial when you consider the beautiful lines of a body other car makers can only dream of designing. This one’s the top of the range V6 in the right colour with a 6 speed manual box and it’s being auctioned this week.

This 2005 Alfa Romeo GT may be beautiful but it’s also priced pretty sharp which makes it even harder to ignore than it already is. Of course you have to consider the mechanical condition and the future reliability (the former seems quite good and the latter is well documented) but I put it to you that even if this car spent most of its life in limp mode, travelling at a maximum speed of 20kph, then it would still be worth it just for the looks alone. This car looks just as good going slowly as it does going fast, or not at all.

This may be a heart over brain purchase but brain purchases are usually boring purchases. Sure, for the price of this work of automotive art you could get yourself a nice, safe Toyota Corolla and feel secure in the knowledge that it will get you from A to B without too much fuss. And then, in three years, you can upgrade to a newer Corolla. And the cycle of mediocrity is set. Or you could accept that beauty can come at a price and maybe, just maybe, it’s a price worth paying. And imagine how good you’ll feel when you end up getting three years of reliable service that you weren’t expecting. Sometimes the heart knows best. (And just quietly, the GT has a pretty good reliability rep for an Alfa)

This gorgeous Alfa has only travelled 114,000kms and you’re probably thinking it’s way out of your league. But what if I tell you the price guide is a mere $7000-$8000? That’s like realising that Kanye West or Gwyneth Paltrow might actually consider dating you. And they’re gorgeous, temperamental and high maintenance, too.

The auction for this stunner is on Thursday (1st Sept) at Turners Cars Penrose. More details, here.

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