You’ll Love This Sea-Doo, Even if the Fish Don’t - 11th January, 2016

If you want to go fishing but don’t want to cast a line off a beach and don’t want the hassle of a boat or the effort of a kayak then this fully set up Sea-Doo could be the answer. The trip to where the fish are biting will be fast and exciting and if you catch something too big to bring on board then you can tow it home.

One of the funniest and cheapest forms of entertainment over the summer months can be witnessed at pretty much any boat ramp around the country. For every skilled boat/trailer wrangler there is usually a host of novices that manage to turn the whole boat launching exercise into an episode of Mr Bean. One way to avoid this kind of public humiliation is to scale down the size of both boat and trailer. For some that will be a dingy and a simple Seagull outboard motor but those who want to get to where the fish are biting before they die of old age will find a personal watercraft a more suitable option.

This 2012 Sea-Doo GTR215 could be the ultimate small fishing platform. It has a supercharged 1500cc Rotax engine and an intelligent brake and reverse system to make stopping and docking much easier. It has seating for three (if you are planning a day’s fishing then make sure you get on well with your passengers as there’s no getting away from them) and a host of other cool stuff you can read about here.  On top of all the cool standard factory features this Sea-Doo is equipped with rod holders, chilli bin, Lowrance fish finder and GPS. The whole kit has clocked up just 9 hours on the water and is in great nick. A new one without all the fishing accessories costs over $20k but the price of this one will be decided by the bidders.

The Sea-Doo is located at Turners Tauranga and the online auction starts tonight and closes next Monday. 

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