Lifetime Project Anyone? – 22nd January, 2016

It’s not just cars that Turners sell. Pretty much everything comes through the gates and some of it is pretty cool, strange or unexpected. This 10 metre wooden launch probably falls into the unexpected category due to its size and the fact it’s not sitting in the water. But with sea levels on the rise and flooding becoming more common it could be a useful addition to your back section.

We’ve probably all seen the odd sight of a large ocean going launch sitting in the yard of a house many miles from the sea. These boats are usually long term projects that turn into lifetime projects and serve more to infuriate the neighbours than as an eventual maritime prospect. If you fancy joining the ranks of the project lifers then this old tub is a perfect candidate. It has the beginnings of rot in the hull, has been partially dismantled, is filled with a fair bit of rainwater and its seaworthiness is questionable at best. I suspect that 9 out of 10 potential buyers of this boat will have the best intentions of returning it to its former glory, and the sea. But the reality is the project will probably get pushed to one side by life and lack of funds and become a neighbourhood beacon of failed nautical dreams.

However, for every nine dreamers looking at this boat there is likely to be one skilled restorer with the time, the will and the money to reunite this once great seafaring beauty with its natural habitat and truly enjoy the fruits of their labour. If not it could make useful guest accommodation in the driveway or storage for other semi-completed projects or a slightly leaky salvation in the event of a big flood. Your neighbours will curse you until that day arrives but you’ll have the last laugh, maybe even sell tickets.

The online auction is open now and closes on Monday. You’ll need a very big trailer to take it away. 

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